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The Naish Nalu Air 11'0" Inflatable Paddleboard features the World-renowned Nalu design for directional gliding, touring and longboard wave riding in a compact inflatable stand up paddle board.

The Nalu Air 11?0? SUP has a long, narrow outline and added thickness for paddling comfort and directional stability. The progressive rocker line provides longboard maneuverability for the surf.

Ideal for riders up to 210 lb (109 kg)




Canvas Carry Pack

The High Quality Canvas Mana Air Carry Pack stores your Mana inflatable paddleboard compactly and makes it fast and easy to get to and from the water. Just grab it, through it in your car or on your back and go...

Naish SUP Inflatable Paddleboard Carry Pack


High Pressure Air Pump with Gauge

With the included high volume/high pressure air pump, you'll have your board pumped up and on the water in no time. It features an easy to read pressure gauge on top which allows you to get the exact right psi for maximum rigidity and performance.

Naish Inflatable Paddleboard Air Pump


Repair Kit

The Naish Mana Air Inflatable Paddleboards are built extremely tough and the heavy-duty material is very puncture and tear resistant. These inflatable paddleboards will bounce off hazards that would ding or crack other boards. In the unlikely event you do experience a leak, Naish includes a repair kit that will help you get back to the fun ASAP.

Naish Mana Air Repair Kit


Removable Center Fin

The Nalu Air includes a rigid removable center fin which provides more traditional board handling characteristics. This design allows you to remove the fin when not in use and and makes the board easier to roll and store in its carry pack.

Naish Nalu Air Center Fin




The Naish Nalu Air 10?2? inflatable paddle board features high-quality dropstitch air construction for incredible durability, impact resistance and rigid performance.

Naish Nalu Air Inflatable Paddleboard Construction



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